Sales Referrals Program


🤔 What is the Turing Sales Referral Program?

The Turing Sales Referral Program is an internal company initiative to help gain warm introductions to our target accounts.  In collaboration with our partner, CoSell, this warm introduction process is automated to make it as easy as possible for those that participate.  As an added bonus, we are adding prizes to incentivize our Turing employees with Turing branded swag!

🤑 Why are we doing this?

Warm introductions produce higher win rates and larger deal sizes.  However, the process of making warm introductions has always been manual, time consuming and not scalable.  CoSell has made this laborious process into an automated workflow bringing a ‘set it and forget’ level of ease.  Once you sign up, making a warm introduction is as easy as clicking a button (or two).

🤑 Make Introductions and get prizes!

Sign up as a CoSeller: get a coffee on us!

Sign Up as a CoSeller and receive a $10 coffee card to Starbucks. Once you complete the signup process, David will confirm your status and send you a gift card via email.

Make Warm Introductions: Turing Water Bottle

Refer your first warm introduction as a CoSeller and receive a Turing Branded Water Bottle.  Once you complete the warm introduction, David will confirm your status and send you an insulated stainless steel water bottle with Turing’s logo.

Make Referrals: Turing Employee Appreciation Kit

If one of your introductions results in a sales referral, we will send you a gift set filled with a Turing branded sweatshirt, a baseball cap and a coffee mug.

🤔 What do I do?

  1. Sign up by following this link:
  2. Follow the steps and integrate your gmail contact list.
    👉 Privacy note 👈
    You, and only you, will have visibility to your personal contacts. Your data is owned by you and kept private. Only if you offer an intro to one of Turing’s target accounts will your contact become visible. CoSell does not get access to any of your email conversations, and will never sell your data.
  3. Get notified when you can offer an introduction at one of Turing's target accounts.

Want to include another target account?

Send David a list of target accounts that are not already on the list and it will be included in the campaign.  Once completed, CoSell’s algorithm will search the CoSell network for a match.  Once a match is completed and the CoSeller agrees, you will receive the email introduction.