Cosell Is Your Secret Weapon

CoSell is a network for B2B sales teams.

Surface customer and prospect overlap with your CoSellers.

Get Warm Intros. Close More Deals.
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Prospecting has become increasingly difficult

90% of decision makers never respond to cold-outreach.

Only 24% of sales emails are ever opened.
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is up nearly 50% over the past five years.

Co-selling is a great way to break through the noise, But...

Try building a partner co-selling program on a spreadsheet. You'll learn 3 things:

1) It's a massive time suck
2) It's not secure
3) It's impossible to track success

The New Way

Securely surface only overlapping customers and prospects with your trusted partners.

Connect your CRM.
Invite your partners.
Exchange warm introductions.

The Era of Co-Selling Is Finally Here.

CoSell is a robust platform that makes it easy and fast to help automate and scale co-selling across sales teams.
  • Unlock opportunities
  • Easy account mapping
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Secure data sharing
  • Collaborate with ease
  • Tracking & attribution

Built For

Startup Founders

  • Securely share *only the account overlaps* with your partners, and hide the non-overlapping accounts.
  • Be a hero. As a team owner you can make introductions to partner sales reps that have overlapping accounts.
  • Prioritize your partners. Track the attributed revenue.

Sales Teams

  • Uncover the best ways to connect with prospects through sales partners on the CoSell network.
  • Capture sales insights on your accounts to drive new business and retain existing business.
  • Receive real-time notifications of new account overlaps, so you are always in the know.

CoSell is your secret weapon for scaling partner revenue.