What is CoSelling?

Definition: Co·Selling

When two companies selling complementary products, drive the exchange of warm introductions and sales insights through overlapping customer relationships.
Step 1

Connect your CRM to CoSell.

CoSell currently integrates with Salesforce. It only takes a few clicks. To learn how to connect to your Salesforce account, check out our documentation.
Step 2

Invite CoSellers.

Already have partners that you are co-selling with outside of CoSell? Great! Invite them to join co-sell and we'll onboard them for you.
Step 3

Drive more revenue.

Automate and scale partner attributed revenue through the exchange of warm introductions and sales insights with your CoSellers.
A new way to co-sell with partners.

Drive co-selling revenue.

  • Break through the noise.

    Drive warm introductions through your partners. Accelerate revenue growth.
  • Retain key customers.

    Unlock sales insights to create stronger customer relationships.
  • Track partner attributed revenue.

    Track all partner influenced and attributed revenue. Receive real-time alerts of new account overlaps.

Start CoSelling Today.