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B2B marketing SaaS startup UserEvidence closed over $80k in the first 3 months with CoSell

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"Literally within 2 minutes of using the platform I discovered countless CoSeller/influencer relationships that we could leverage to break into our top prospects. That's pretty darn close to INSTANT ROI. CoSell is a brilliant platform to organize your referral-selling efforts. It takes the manual work out of combing through LinkedIn to find common connections, and lets you jump instantly to find where you can leverage relationships. Now that we have the sales team on it, we've operationalized and scaled our referral-sourced intros. We've closed over $80k of CoSell business within 3 months, and have a lot more in the pipeline."
Mathew Pregasen
Evan Huck


UserEvidence is a SaaS platform that provides customer success stories and statistical evidence. Founded by David Iyamah & Thomas Dudley, UserEvidence is headquartered in Wyoming, United States.


UserEvidence had no systems in place to source revenue through relationship-selling. They used offline methods like email to drive referrals, if at all any. They faced a number of challenges in embracing collaborative selling, including; building trust, generating quality leads, finding the right decision-maker and selling effectively as a team.


UserEvidence got access to 2,000+ referrals from the CoSell Sales Hub. We assisted them in determining which ‘CoSeller’ they should leverage based on theirtarget accounts and helped them set up a very simple and easy warm introduction workflow that can be tracked.

UserEvidence has sourced over $100k revenue with CoSell by increasing their close rates by almost 200%