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Spiff was able to embrace its competitive advantage with the best warm introductions, from the right people, using CoSell.

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"Cosell has made it easy to thread into target accounts that in the past generally took 3x the time, overhead, and were generally 1/3rd as effective"
Mathew Pregasen
Tanner Lacey
Co Founder


Spiff was founded in 2017 by Albert Candari, Casey Crouch, Jean-Philippe Maitre, Jeron Paul, Matt Stapleton, Mike Ries, Tanner Lacey and Travis Ashby. The company is headquartered in Utah, United States and has over 250 employees.

Spiff is a commission automation software that creates trust across the organization by delivering real-time, automation of complex commission processes. The platform uses machine learning to connect with all the commission systems including ERP, payments, and payroll, as well as matches records and eliminates errors between systems that enable clients to provide their sales teams with proper tools to generate more sales easily.


Spiff drove referrals on an adhoc basis, and lacked ability to operationalize the process. They found it difficult to manage and measure results of referrals and were unable to scale relationship-selling.


CoSell helped Spiff get visibility into which ‘CoSeller’ we should leverage based on our target accounts. We set up a very simple and easy warm introduction workflow, and tracking for them.

With access to 2000+ referrals, Spiff more than doubled their referral sourced opportunities with close rates increasing upto 25%