Our Story

Being sales people and start up founders, we understand deeply the value of co selling with partners. We know from experience how it can unlock new revenue and radically shorten sales cycles. 

However, when we looked around in the market, we couldn’t find the tools to make this happen —especially when working remotely. Too many of the old ways required meeting face to face, sharing cumbersome spreadsheets, and relying on old-school methods. We knew there had to be a better way to make sales more human—and high tech.

That’s why we started CoSell, to open up a new world for sales teams to co-sell together. At the same time, we realized that while we are developing awesome tools, we discovered that making sales more humans starts from the inside. We’ve worked with leaders and sales teams that helped us bring the human side—empathy, collaboration, and communication skills—hand in hand with the CoSell network.
It’s never been easier to unlock your revenue potential. You can create and close more valuable sales opportunities than ever before. Are you ready to have your best sales year – ever?

Our Solution
CoSell works across your secure CRM systems to identify the proverbial needles in the haystack of customer information, letting your teams know the best accounts to focus on with each partnership in order to drive the most wins for both sides. By utilizing CoSell, your company can flourish in ways you never imagined. For the first time ever you can ditch outdated spreadsheets and experience real-time prospect and customer overlaps.
Our Vision
To make sales more human.
Our Mission
To unlock relationships and insights between partners by creating a network of interconnected CRMs.
Our Team
With 34 collective years of sales experience combined with 42 collective years in product development, no other team is better equipped to help salespeople all over the world sell more, together.

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