About us

The companies we've built and the things we've learned


Having been key players in building a combined market cap of $40B across 5 different startups, we understand the difficulty in going to market and scaling in the "SaaS-era."

As any revenue leader knows, demand generation is the oxygen that they breathe. With infinite choices, today's customers have become numb to traditional mass marketing and cold outreach.

The last great opportunity to provide this needed oxygen is to empower revenue teams to build networks for relationship-selling.

  • 90% of startups fail.

  • 75% of sales reps miss their quota.

Isn't it time to start doing something different?

We are here to help you navigate this journey.

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Our mission

Empower companies to unlock revenue through a network of relationships in a scalable and operationalized way.

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Our vision

To make revenue generation more human.

Our team

CoSell is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and venture-backed by Pivot North and SaaStr Fund.
We are a remote-first company with team members in Austin and San Francisco.

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