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Unlock the power of relationship-led growth. Get introductions, fast and simple, to transform your business and career.
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With CoSell, you can...

Swipe right on matches

CoSell identifies contacts at your teammates' targets accounts, then sends matches your way for verification. You can confirm the ones you're comfortable introducing before sharing with your team.
Stack of contact cards with "yes" and "no" buttons
List of introduction opportunities

Get pre-screened opportunities

Get notified when there are new opportunities for introductions into your target accounts. We'll only show contacts that have been verified, so you have a better chance of getting the intros you want.
List of introduction opportunities

Automate introductions

Make 1-click introductions for your teammates using customizable message templates. You can make introductions directly, or give your contacts the chance to accept or decline before intro emails are sent.
Preview of a CoSell intro form with a message filled out

Trusted by thousands of GTM leaders and hundreds of teams

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“The impact has been phenomenal. The leads we are getting are warm and ready to go. This is the future!”
Gaurav Bhattacharya
Gaurav Bhattacharya, CEO
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“CoSell is a brilliant platform to organize your referral-selling efforts. Now that we have the  team on CoSell, we've operationalized and scaled our referral-sourced intros. We've closed over $80k of CoSell business within 3 months, and have a lot more in the pipeline."
Evan Huck
Evan Huck, CEO