Sell More, Together.

A network built for sales teams to discover new partners, surface prospect and customer overlaps, and drive the exchange of warm introductions into key accounts.

Our Customers

Why CoSell

Reveal your most strategic 
partners with account overlaps
for revenue growth.

Collaborative partner data

Securely break down the walls between CRMs with our partnership data lake & share the right sales insights with your partners.

Smart opportunity overlaps

Instantly identify account overlaps & unlock 
your full revenue potential with your partner’s collaboration.

Real-time partnership metrics

Analyze the performance of your strategic partnerships at any time.

Our Customer Stories

"Process bottlenecks are now a thing of the past with all employees efficiently functioning with CoSell. 
Our departments benefit from time saved by replacing manual data entry.

Director of Sales

"CoSell is a gamechanger for us. One of the biggest risks to growth and scale is can you scale demand with the growth of the company? We feel like CoSell is a strategic platform to help us do that."

Sam Blond, CRO

"I’ve got a handful of partners that I do this with  today. It works, but it’s such a headache to manage. I now have all of my partners on CoSell."

($35M Series B)

“I’ve been thinking about this idea for a long time. Today, we use spreadsheets and slack to find overlaps with partners, which obviously doesn’t  scale.

($700M Series C)

“CoSell is going to completely revolutionize the way  that sales teams prospect and engage customers, which is much needed right now as most go-to-market channels are drying up.”

VP Inside Sales
(Public Company)
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